Why QuickScripts

We focus on patient care.

At Quick Scripts, patient care isn’t just lip-service. It’s what we do. Unlike other courier services, Quick Scripts only delivers medical prescriptions. We do not deliver food, groceries, flowers or car parts. Our drivers understand the delicate responsibilities they have in servicing your patients. We understand that a Quick Scripts driver is often the first person your patient sees after leaving the care of their physician. We are an extension of your company, and we embrace our role.

We utilize dedicated drivers.

When a delivery is scheduled for your patient, you want to know that their medication is getting to them as fast as possible. That is why Quick Scripts does not overlap route drivers and on-demand drivers. Quick Scripts understands the difference between a routine refill and a time-critical chemotherapy dose.

Our drivers understand the need for urgency and professionalism in the patients home, hospital or hospice facility. Our drivers are not worried about the dozens or hundreds of other deliveries they have left to make. We can focus on your patient getting the quality care they deserve.

Your team should have confidence that your patients are receiving the highest quality experience from the facility to their home, and Quick Scripts is the answer.

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